ERM Cloud Computing SaaS Technology

The highest level of Cloud Computing is “SaaS” (software as a service), and ManageB2B Cloud Computing SaaS is a leader in SaaS, using Web 2.0, Web Service, SOA, AJAX, XML, Java, and SaaS 2.0 technologies to provide users with the highest security and data access performance via Internet browsers. With ManageB2B Enterprise Resource Manager SaaS, no upfront investment in hardware or software is required, customers don’t have to operate their applications or IT infrastructure, and maintenance and updates are no longer necessary! Furthermore, wherever you are in the world -- at any time -- your business will be within reach. All you need is a browser!

Cloud Computing SaaS & SaaS+

Why ManageB2B ERM?
By completely integrating all of the functionality into our patent pending Accounting Process and Unified Database, ManageB2B’s comprehensive solution allows you to focus on running your organization from anywhere at any time. 
What’s more, it is securely delivered via the Internet so all you need to do is open your browser, log-on and use the application. As your organization grows, ManageB2B’s ERM SaaS allows you to add functionality and users within minutes by just submitting an online request. The result is a low cost, highly effective business tool to drive top-line growth and reduce and control expenses.