ManageB2B ERM Front Office

ManageB2B’s Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM) is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system consisting of Front Office and Back Office business application modules in a unified database to provide a fully-integrated B2B application for small and medium sized businesses.

The Front Office module includes built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) functions allowing you to fully stay engaged with your customers.

As you look into these functions further, you will see it’s the little things we’ve thought about in our application that differentiate us from everyone else. For example, how often does a customer order exceed stock on hand? Whether it’s a regular occurrence or not, being able to seamlessly fulfill those orders without having to say you’re out of stock is instrumental in retaining customer confidence and loyalty.

Our ERM application allows you to source and fulfill items not in stock without the customer ever knowing and without having to go beyond the application to account for the transaction. Customer Relationship Management is more than just entering contacts and making a sale. It comes down to understanding how your customers engage within your business paradigm. We’ve taken the time to understand your business and build in those critical details that make the difference. As you review our front office modules you’ll discover why ManageB2B’s Enterprise Resource Manager™ is the right choice for your business.

Read more about the sub-modules that make up ManageB2B’s ERM Front Office at the following links: