ManageB2B offers Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) and Accounts Payable Outsourcing services through its Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for SMB customers.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services (FAO)

With our ERM total web-based business management and unified database system, ManageB2B offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) including Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) that cuts administrative and IT costs up to 50%. ManageB2B’s FAO provides customers total access, control, business activity monitoring (BAM) and complete financial reports with login IDs and passwords. Customers can monitor all of the activities and work performed by ManageB2B’s employees online in real-time 24x7 with a secured browser.

 ManageB2B Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM)

Our Web-based Business Management Solution provides over 30 security levels to protect your Assets!

ManageB2B FAO supports these separately or as a package:

  • Order Entry
  • Invoice
  • MRP/Inventory with complete Warehouse Management System
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Procurement
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Employee Expenses
  • Fixed Asset Tracking & Depreciation
  • General Ledger
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Support
  • Communicate w/ManageB2B by Telephone, FAX, Email, Snail Mail and Courier
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll (w/ADP or similar)
  • Tax Payables (Sales, User and Property)
  • Financial—Continuous monitoring; periodic statements; CPA access
  • Record-Keeping
  • Reports



Order Entry

  • Validate Customer PO vs. Current Quot
  • Validate Customer Credit Line vs. outstanding Receivables


  • Generation with any Ship To & Bill To
  • Processing & Recording
  • Sales Taxes, Exemptions
  • Advance Payment/Deferred Revenue
  • Service Contracts, other Recurrent Charges
  • Invoice Rollback, Customer Credit, Revenue Reversal, Tax Credit


  • Valuations & Status Reports (e.g. On Hand, Back Orders, Lead Times, EOL)
  • Define Assemblies

Accounts Receivable

  • Make Deposits/Disbursements
  • Process Credits, Returns, Bad Checks
  • Monitor & Report AR Aging


  • Online PO Approval(s)
  • PO sent by email or FAX
  • Apply Discounts & Credits

Accounts Payable Management

  • Your Vendors send “Invoices” to ManageB2B directly
  • Validate Payables with & w/o PO (e.g. Utilities)
  • Online Vendor Invoice Visibility
  • Payment Approval option (your company)
  • Process Payment Full/Partial
  • Check Printing, Payment Dispatch
  • Paper Check Duplicates
  • Payment Register Reports
  • Complete Auditable Payment History

Employee Expenses

  • Employee data entry option
  • Travel Card administration
  • Validation per criteria per employee
  • Complete history online
  • Online approval option


General Ledger

  • Complete Financial Management
  • Automatic/Manual Dual/Multiple Entries
  • Monthly Reconciliation of AP, AR, Revenues, P & L
  • Universal: CPA-Compatible
  • Track Balance, Income, Expenses, Cash Flow
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Support
  • Communicate w/ManageB2B by Telephone, FAX, Email, Snail Mail and Courier
  • Bank Reconciliation (with multiple G/L Bank Accounts)

Payroll (with ADP agreement or similar)

  • New Employee & Termination
  • Process payroll to ADP or similar
  • Medical Deductions, G.T.L., Garnishments, 401K
  • Process Commissions, Configurable per Sales Rep, Admin, Manager


  • Complete history of every transaction, including G/L
  • Multiple Reports & Statements with selectable time windows


  • Invoice Register
  • Deferred Revenue Backlog
  • Customer Payment Register
  • A/R Aging
  • Sales Tax
  • Electronic Waste Fee (CA)
  • Commissions
  • Many more.....



Enterprise Resource Manager - Total SaaS Business Solution

Enterprise Resource Manager™ is the foundation of the ManageB2B™ family of ManageB2B products for subscription or purchase. ERM is a web-based, completely integrated Front to Back Office solution that combines Sales, Service, Operations, and Finance into a unified database system. With it, users track, control and simplify all operations while dramatically reducing human error. The ERM-WMS completes the Back Office with MRP and Warehouse Management.

With ManageB2B ERM™, everything is integrated nowCRM, SFA, Sales Forecast, Inventory, Invoicing, ERP, MRP, Accounting, G/L System, the Executive Dashboard and Financials. No expensive consultants or partners who "integrate" after you signed up. Look at the picture.

For Sales Reps: No duplication, checking inventories by phone, chasing part numbers or current item costs, and wandering halls to get approvals. Because you extract reports and forecasts instead of write/guess them, no missed deadlines for planning meetings! All approvals happen online with mouse clicks.

ERM™ eliminates errors and lost time from re-entering data as something moves to the next step. ManageB2B increases your productivity by 80% and cuts costs 50% as you slash IT and data entry. Its elegance is in the picture!