ManageB2B ERM Benefits

Many small to medium size B2B Companies are facing a growing dilemma: they have to run their business with incomplete and disconnected software applications which they have outgrown over the years, but they can’t afford the complex ERP systems that require heavy upfront investments in hardware, licenses, and customization, and are very costly to operate and maintain.

ManageB2B’s Enterprise Resource Management solution solves this dilemma! ERM is up and running in 48 hours and requires no upfront investment, but provides the full functionality of high-end CRM and ERP systems. Expert service and continuous ManageB2B innovation is automatically included at no additional cost!

 ManageB2B Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM)

Our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and unified database design means that unlike others, it will not be plagued with developmental and upgrade complexity. Our ERM solution scales extremely well and is almost infinitely extensible - capable of handling complex business structures and a broader array of modules without having to overhaul software code, or requiring “bolted-on” workarounds to provide additional functionality.

There are two primary benefits of unified database design:

  • Lower operating costs, which we are able to pass on to our customers
  • A more accurate and complete understanding of your business because data integrity (duplication and accuracy) issues are overwhelmingly reduced.

In a few words, SaaS saves money. In fact, recent studies suggest that the cost of a SaaS implementation can be up to 50% less than the cost of implementing and managing premise-based solutions. That translates to a perpetual ROI.