ManageB2B ERM Back Office

ManageB2B's Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM) consists of Front Office and Back Office systems that fully integrate to provide a complete business solution that covers the entire customer order lifecycle for small and medium businesses in the B2B industry (B2B/SMBs).

The Back Office module has the two major business functions, Operations and Finance, each with multiple sub-modules. It comes with a powerful Accounting Software module that takes you beyond the sale to complete order fulfillment and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our patented unified database architecture provides you with a rapid and streamlined approach to managing your business after the sale. No longer will you be required to integrate and cope with diverse, multi-platform databases linked to applications, networks and systems in order to have a complete view of your business and customers.

Once the sales process commences, the key data associated with the transaction is systematically routed by our Intelligence Engine™ to all the critical points of your business. This will save you time and money, while minimizing risk and improving ROI.

Read more about the sub-modules that make up ManageB2B’s ERM Back Office at the following links: