ManageB2B™ Services

Software as a Service (SaaS) means software as a subscription service that your business runs on. ManageB2B utilizes Cloud Computing technology to deliver a complete business management solution via Internet, which means no upfront investment in servers, or software licensing for your enterprise resource planning (ERP).

ManageB2B’s comprehensive business solution allows you to focus on running your business, instead of an over-loaded data center and numerous IT requirements. Wherever you are in the world, your business will always be with you. All you need is a browser!

 ManageB2B Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM)

All Business Operations in One Solution

ManageB2B offers lowest TCO, total cost of ownership with highly affordable payment options for subscription or purchase. Our ManageB2B™, Web-based ERP delivers a pain killer for SMBs, VARs, Resellers, Integrators, Importers and Distributors.


Subscription - SaaS

On Demand software as a service (SaaS) - pay as you go and save as you go! The monthly SaaS subscription fee per user is about the same as a cell phone, yet it has full ERP features and functions, and no upfront investment in servers or software applications. Managing the entire business from anywhere at any time is priceless. All you need is a browser!

SaaS means that the ManageB2B Server does the number crunching and data management, and needs no dedicated and permanently connected fat client machine for users. Any computer that has a Web browser is an ERM thin client, and it can be anywhere in the world that has Internet connectivity.

ManageB2B One Business Solution is an ERP system. It is many times larger than a typical accounting package. ERM combines Sales, Service, Finance and Operations functions into a unified database enterprise resource planning solution for B2B/SMBs. ManageB2B recommends ten (10) users or more per customer, but we will accept minimum of five (5) B2B users and only available in USA.

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