Channel Partner Program

Program Highlights
ManageB2B's Channel Partner Program is designed for experienced business software resellers who are interested in growing their businesses. As more and more SMBs turn to hosted software solutions to meet their business needs, the opportunities for channel partners are bigger and better than ever before.

Benefits to Partners
ManageB2B Channel Partners benefit from the program in many ways:

  • Association with a leading provider of integrated, on-demand software
  • The ability to "bundle" your specialized services around your client's ManageB2B account
  • Exclusive access to information on ManageB2B features, benefits, and new product releases
  • Access to co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers, and webinars

Are you interested in extending your company's market reach, expanding your customer base, and earning recurring revenue? Are you interested in helping your customers automate business management processes, reduce IT costs and maintenance, make better decisions, and improve collaboration within their organization? Then contact ManageB2B today.

To receive more information about the ManageB2B Channel Partner Program and how to get started, contact us
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