IT Service Companies

IT Service Companies know that their customers demand value, service and engineering excellence. They succeed by being responsive, innovative, and customer-focused.

Whether you provide services to small, medium or large customers, whether you offer network services, storage services, web design, project management, IT installation and support, engineering or software development, ManageB2B’s Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM) is the right business management solution for you! Our Web-based Business Management Solution provides a complete customer order lifecycle management (CLM) for IT Service Companies to track, control and manage the entire order process with 360 degree view across the business operations. The fully integrated Service Desk enables engineers to quickly respond to tickets and request from your customers, increasing your responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

  IT Service Companies  

      • Cut Costs – Improve Productivity – Just Run the Business – Not the IT
      • No InvestmentNo Integration or customization
      • From Lead to Proposal and Financial Statements in 90 Seconds
      • Patents Pending Architecture: Up and Running as Quick as 48 Hours
      • Running your business has never been easier – All you need is a browser!

ERM’s Accounting Software business rules and workflow tracking methods (patent pending) will cut administrative and IT costs significantly while dramatically reducing human error.  “Data entered once, used many times anywhere, anytime.” Running your entire company on the ManageB2B One Business Solution means NO upfront investment in hardware or software and no annual maintenance fee. All that’s needed is a browser to access ManageB2B’s unique features:

  • Service Desk : IT companies and service departments: you want to look, act and be professional, because your business thrives from responding well to every need for help. ManageB2B gets you there with the Service Desk. IT service providers use the Desk to assign projects to P.S. engineers, who check it to see where to go next. A Service Department takes a call and enters the particulars as a new ticket and assigns the case to a specialist who might already be in the field.

    The service person logs in to Service Desk with a remote device (e.g. smart phone, browser, etc.) and sees, besides the problem details, the account service contact’s name and number and the coverage type: SLA, Escalation Level (1 to 4), Warranty, RMA, etc. A specialist can escalate a problem to the next level as appropriate for a service level agreement. Because information is on ManageB2B’s server, every user can see who did what, is now doing what and then participate in what should happen next. Keep every customer loving your service and referring others. ManageB2B’s detailed history of your service calls makes billing and contract renewal easy, too.
  • Service Contract Expirations : ManageB2B ERM generates reports by accounts and by sales reps with enough time (which you set) to re-quote the customers and keep them covered. These reports can serve as Sales Forecasts of future recurring revenues.
  • Editable Part Feature designed to provide a rapid response to potential accounts, and is customer-configurable. While your Inventory specialist manages the official product line, a Sales Rep uses the Editable Parts module to make a rapid response to RFQ when it requires inclusion of a special item outside of your Price List. This new item now can be procured from a vendor just as would a standard item.
  • The Quoting System is nicely suited for B2Bs. For example, each of your customers can have their own starting discount schedule, and ERM computes your GM & GP automatically. As you make adjustments, ERM dynamically computes final sale prices. You can have a multiple-level management approval process according to your policy. Sales reps assign probabilities to each of their opportunity, which leads to automated forecasting of inventory needs and revenues per category. Order booking leads to Procurement as needed, and informs your sales and service activities as necessary. The entire process from quote and booking an order to procurement, invoice and commission happen with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Inventory Item Features. Each item can have multiple numbers and descriptions, say one for customer ordering and one for vendor shipping. This protects you from a customer either shopping the vendor item themselves, OR giving your quotation to a competitor for price comparison. Both the Vendor and Internal/Sales item/part number reference the same inventoried item in the system, and are treated as the same item for inventory valuation purposes.
  • Flexible Order Booking : ManageB2B makes easy (just clicks) the generation of multiple SOs (sales or service orders) from one Quote (and customer PO), to allow A, the separation of products from services, maintenance or MRC (monthly recurring charge); B, for items that you will procure from separate sources, possibly with drop ship instructions; C, for items with different multiple requested ship dates and/or addresses or D, for separate Deferred Revenue Invoicing.
  • Only ERM provides three complete RMA systems for Service Desk, Customer Portal, MRP/WMS and the General Ledger with real-time visibility and online. It spans world-wide locations and sub-locations to support mistake-free customer service, operations and accounting.
  • The ERM Commission Module generates multi-level commission reports based on actual product cost and provides commission configurations for Sales Rep, Agent, Admin or Manager with any combination of the percents of Revenue or GP from: Booking, Invoicing or Collection.
  • ERM has a complete WMS Warehouse Management System, ready for locations anywhere in the world, down to aisle and bin, with tracking by Container, Lot, Sub-Lot, Expiration Date, Serial Number etc.  The WMS is tied with your G/L system for Balance Sheet and Income Statements, and with Procurement, including drop-ship direct to your customer, whose ship-to and bill-to info come from the built-in ManageB2B Customer Relationship Manager.  Click and it’s done.
  • The Customer Portal lets your customers create New Orders with their own discounts, open a Service Ticket, see their own Price List, view pending orders and backlog, their account balance, credit availability and transaction history; view service ticket status with ticket/incident numbers.
  • The Fixed Assets Manager is part of our G/L System.  With mouse clicks alone, you:  create a PO for the asset, receive it, date it and start its depreciation; record its Asset Tag Number, assign to locations and users, print a packing List for shipping, record the transfer to its first/next/final location; transfer a Fixed Asset to and from Inventory when necessary; see its current value and dispose of it when its useful life is ended.



Sales/Marketing/CRM:   Keeps customer names, addresses, profiles, total contact history, credit lines, purchase history, service/support contracts, etc. in multi-lingual formats. ERM assists the managing of leads and sales across company business units and regions; it provides personal schedules and priorities; creates price Quotations ready for management approval and then for customers. Sales “Opportunities” automate your forecasts, and Invoicing automates commissions. ERM supports order booking and inventory requirements with simple mouse clicks from anywhere securely with a browser connection. ERM has completely integrated Sales Desks, Partner Portals, Customer Portals and the Service Desk, enabling whole customer order life-cycle management.

Service/Support:   ERM lets users record customer calls and service incidents, set escalation levels and schedule service visits and assignments for problem tracking. It provides secure communication for all issues, letting appropriate people know where they are needed; it keeps records of every service transaction for billing and other uses. The Service Desk generates RMA packing lists for customers and vendors. ERM extracts customer information from your CRM data and customer shipment information provided your Invoice records. The ERM Service Desk is available 24x7 from anywhere with a secured browser.



Operations/Production:   ERM converts customer purchase orders into fulfillment directions for production, tracking and accounting; it keeps product inventory by quantities, locations, costs and selling prices; it keeps bills of material (BOM) of parts assemblies (including other assemblies) and handles Invoice rollbacks and returns to stock. The ERM Warehouse Management System enables the careful tracking of items used in manufacturing to assure reliable supply; it tracks all suppliers by names, addresses, orders/status, etc. ERM records procurement requests, approvals and purchase orders and assists tracking order stages and status; it assists distribution of items within the company by showing item locations, printing packing lists / transfer orders and showing “In Transit” status between locations.

Finance/Accounting:   ERM records every sale and purchase so that the accounting personnel and company leaders know the financial health of the business; it prepares customer invoices and records customer payments (AR) for them; it makes reports showing money owed to the business and by the business; it lists customers who are late to pay for orders. ERM tracks procurement orders for the company to pay (AP), requires management approvals and prints company payment checks. It maintains the company General Ledger, in balance; with a few clicks, it makes financial statements—Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow--for company leaders, lenders, owners etc. ERM breaks down Expenses and Revenues by business unit and regions/departments.

Management:   Generate reports of sales forecasts, order backlogs, customer payments due, company bills due and more; the Executive Dashboard shows the most relevant General Ledger current account sums and their histories; management generates a Trial Balance Worksheet at any time to learn the health of the business even before the end of an accounting period. This BAM, business activity monitoring, enables the executive to manage business from anywhere 24x7.

Application Administrator: This powerful yet easy-to-use, non-technical (non-IT!) ERM function adds and deletes users and customizes ERM for each particular business--information management without a DBA. The administrator configures 18 sub-modules to meet a company’s unique business needs.

Security: ManageB2B employs industry-standard security methods, just as by large banks. Every ERM user is role-based (over 30 levels of security), allowing and preventing certain user responsibilities and privileges.