Service (Customer Service Desk)

The cost of obtaining a customer is estimated to be as much as ten times the cost of keeping a customer. ManageB2B recognizes that great service and support is imperative to building lasting, profitable relationships with your customers and prospects—dramatically impacting your bottom line. ManageB2B’s Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM) provides powerful tools to quickly resolve trouble tickets and respond to customer requests – helping you to keep your customers satisfied!

The individually customizable ERM Service Desk features advanced issue tracking and resolution, as well as immediate access to relevant customer data—such as products purchased, ticket and defect history, and maintenance contract status.

Only ManageB2B’s ERM provides three complete RMA systems for Service Desk, Customer Portal, MRP/WMS and the General Ledger with real-time visibility and online. It spans world-wide locations and sub-locations to support customer service, operations and accounting.

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