ManageB2B's On Demand ERP and On Demand MRP are the Cloud computing SaaS ERP using modern technology to provide SMBs a total business management solution via internet.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

For easy, accurate, immediate and low-stress Material Requirements Planning, use the SaaS MRP or Web-based MRP solution from ManageB2B and relax!!! Our Cloud Computing MRP or SaaS MRP Module is a complete multi-location inventory management system that keeps track of stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments. Inventory Control includes extensive screen inquiry and reporting functions to give you the detailed, current information crucial for effective inventory management.

The ManageB2B Web-based MRP tools let you:
  • Create and Manage Inventory Items (components, master items and assembly items)
  • Make and update Assembly Bills of Material - BOM
  • Create Work Orders and manage the WO process all the way to finished goods
  • Manage product lifecycle with tracking method: serial, lot, sub-lot, date code, expiration date, etc.
  • Watch your inventory on hand, in transit and on consignment
  • Generate RMAs for customers and process vendor's RMAs
  • Track Demo Inventory with shipping packing list
  • Assign Inventory Items to Reserved locations
  • Manage worldwide inventory locations with a complete Warehouse Management System - WMS
  • Know item end-of-life dates
  • Make forecasts that the system derives from real opportunities, quotes and bookings

ManageB2B's Web Based MRP is a fully integrated module of ManageB2B’s Enterprise Resource Manager and provides a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) for small to medium-sized businesses - SMBs. It enables the careful tracking of items used in manufacturing to assure reliable supply and tracks all suppliers by names, addresses, orders/status, etc. ManageB2B’s ERM with integrated MRP records procurement requests, approvals and purchase orders and assists tracking order stages and status. It also assists in distribution of items within the company by showing item locations, printing packing lists/transfer orders and showing “In Transit” status between locations.

You can plan, order, receive, store, transfer, assemble, ship (or drop ship) items from multiple locations into one warehouse or many. If you import or otherwise receive items that go through stages, you need to know their current locations and ETAs. ManageB2B’s innovation places all material information and control onto your browser, providing up-to-the-minute business monitoring and management, and makes it available to you in real time, 24/7 from anywhere. That’s multi-lingual Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)!

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