As inventors and visionaries, the ManageB2B technical leaders created the powerful business management system called Enterprise Resource Manager. Based on Cloud Computing technologies, this software-as-a-service (SaaS) empowers small and medium business-to-business companies (SMB/B2B) to dramatically cut costs, reduce frustration, and streamline their workflow and decision-flow processes.

Our leaders were veteran technology engineers and executives who had key design and engineering roles with such technology companies as Quantum Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Tandem Computers and Fairchild Semiconductor. One became a leader at Solbourne Computers in Colorado, a subsidiary of Matsushita, and was part of their development of the first super-parallel multi-processor SPARC architecture servers and workstations in the UNIX system marketplace.

Combined, the ManageB2B leaders share a deep understanding of both technology and business. They are excited to offer the most modern and powerful business management software to businesses that until now could not afford anything like it.