About Us

ManageB2B is a Cloud Computing SaaS ERP Company in Silicon Valley, USA. We are made up of sophisticated system designers who are led by experienced business experts. As a result, our Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM), known by the industry as SaaS ERP or Web-based ERP, is a complete customer order lifecycle management system (CLM) and optimized for the B2B industry. We built in easy-to-use CRM, SFA, MRP and Accounting functions that provide important workplace uniformity and standards company-wide, using business terms everyone knows instead of a strange new geeky language.

With our ERM, all of your business operations are automated to save you time and money. We deliver the entire business suite with Software as a Service (SaaS) over the Internet, so you make no investment in servers, maintenance or software. Our ERM has quick deployment time and needs very little training or support.

We implemented the modern technologies with our patent pending workflow process that enable ERM to combine your Sales, Service, Operations and Accounting information into a Unified Database accessible from anywhere at any time with just a browser. ERM is easy to use and simple to learn. This is expressed in our motto of “Click and it’s done!”

The ManageB2B ERM means no upfront investment in servers, software licensing or maintenance fees. It combines all business information from Sales, Service, Operations and Accounting into a Unified Database System (patent pending) to cut costs and reduce frustration for B2Bs so that you can manage your entire business from anywhere at any time.