ManageB2B’s Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which comes with built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Accouting for B2B/SMB.

Sales Force Automation - SFA

Sales force automation (SFA) software is a program that automates business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance.

ManageB2B SaaS SFA includes Opportunity Manager, Quote Creator, Product Price List, Sales Forecast with QTD/MTD Booking, SO (Sales/Service Order) Generator and Commission Reports. From anywhere at any time and any language--just click for SFA!

ManageB2B ERM™ sets everyone free by automating the things that no one wants to do. The CRM holds customers and contacts with their payment histories. Use your mouse to do the next steps, as ERM has equally automated your Opportunities, Quotes, Forecasts, Booking and Commissions for sales Reps, Sales Regions and Sales Business Units (BU).

ERM Does the Tedious Stuff So Your Sales Force Won’t Have To!

Free your sales force to do what benefits them and the business:

  • Opportunities — Ways to meet a customer need
    • Credit Approval by the Back Office
    • Configuration Approval
    • Sales Management Approval
    • Estimate, adjust Probability with a click
    • Seller To Do List with Dates & Times (Time Management)
  • Quote Generation — Specifics to meet demand
    • Pull items from the Price List
    • View item Costs (Configurable)
    • Set the Gross Margin (Configurable)
    • Use the Selling Price from the Price List or Discount it
    • Make a PDF version for the customer
    • Make many Quotes for each Opportunity, let customer choose; ERM uses only the Active/Current Quote in its Forecast reports
  • Product Price List — Your company’s line
    • All items that you sell
    • Your List Prices
    • Shows the Quantity On Hand!
  • Automated Forecast Reports — What’s coming
    • Account Pipeline Report shows all Opportunities, with Probabilities
    • Automated Sales Forecast Report shows Opportunities of 50% and higher Probability
    • Forecast includes your Active Quotes and recent bookings by MTD/QTD/History
    • Forecast by Item/Part Numbers based on Active Quotes and Probabilities for your MRP
    • ERM rolls up Sales Forecasts for Regions
    • ERM rolls up Region Sales Forecasts for Business Units
  • Order Booking — Fulfillment with Clicks
    • Production person examines customer PO and clicks for SO
    • ERM allows SO gen. only after customer Credit Approval
    • ERM allows SO only after Sales Mgt. approvals (Configurable)
    • Book orders from any/all BUs (consolidating the workforce)
    • Another chance to modify the order (items, quantities, prices)
    • ERM keeps track of Back Orders!
  • Commissions — Rewarding the Sales Force
    • Configurable per sales rep
    • Pay % (completely configurable) of
      • Booking Revenues
      • Booking GP
      • Invoice Revenues
      • Invoice GP
      • Collection Revenues
      • Collection GP
      • 1-time addition adjustment per report
      • 1-time deduction adjustment per report
    • Commission Reports
      • Booking, Shipment, Collection or All
      • Set the Start and End Dates

Automate Your Sales Force, Your Support, Your Operations, Your Accounting and Finance. Even Automate Your Partners and Customers.

Front Office - Sales Back Office - Finance
CRM: Leads - Contacts - Accounts MRP - WMS - Inventory
Special Sales Items Procurement
Opportunities & Projects SO Process & Backlog
Price List & Inventory Invoice & Deferred Rev.
Sales Proposals & Quotes Accounts Receivable
Sales & Service Orders - SO Business Reports (BI)
Sales & Inventory Forecast Sales Tax Records
Sales Commissions Accounts Payable
Service, Support & RMA G/L - Fixed Assets - Dashboard
eCommerce - Integrated ERM Administration