ManageB2B Cloud Computing MRP - Material Requirements Planning is integrated in the Web-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) to provide a Total Business Management Solution for B2B/SMBs.

MRP - WMS - Inventory

Our Cloud Computing MRP or SaaS MRP Module is a complete multi-location inventory management system that keeps track of stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments. Inventory Control includes extensive screen inquiry and reporting functions to give you the detailed, current information crucial for effective inventory management.

You plan, order, receive, store, transfer, assemble, ship (or drop ship) items from multiple locations into one warehouse or many. If you import or otherwise receive items that go through stages, you need to know their current locations and ETAs. ManageB2B innovation places all material information and control onto your browser and makes it available to you in real time, 24/7 from anywhere. That’s multi-lingual Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)!  Read More:

MRP - Material Requirements Planning

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The Comprehensive Web-based MRP/WMS on ERM!


ManageB2B Web Based MRP or SaaS MRP is integrated in the Next Generation Web Based ERP with a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) for small to medium-sized businesses - B2B/SMBs.

Running your entire company on the ManageB2B One Business Solution means NO upfront investment in hardware or software. All you need is a browser! ManageB2B is the leading provider of Total Web-based Business Management System for small and medium-size business to businesses (B2B/SMB) and Not-for Profit Organizations (NPO.

The ManageB2B Web-based MRP tools let you:

  • Create and Manage Inventory Items (components, master items and assembly items)
  • Make and update Assembly Bills of Material - BOM
  • Create Work Order and manage the WO process always to finished goods
  • Manage product lifecycle with tracking method: serial, lot, sub-lot, date code, expiration date, etc.
  • Watch your inventory on hand, in transit and on consignment
  • Generate RMAs for customers and process vendor's RMAs
  • Track Demo Inventory with shipping packing list
  • Assign Inventory Items to Reserved locations
  • Manage worldwide inventory locations with a complete Warehouse Management System - WMS
  • Know item end-of-life dates
  • Make fore­casts that the system derives from real opportunities, quotes and bookings.


ManageB2B Next Generation Web-based MRP with built-in Customer Relationship Management - CRM, Sales Force Automation - SFA, Customer Order Lifecycle Management, Inventory Management and Financial Management provides a complete Web-based Business Management Solution for SMBs. The Total Web-based Business Management solution offers lowest TCO, total cost of ownership with highly affordable payment options for subscription or purchase.

ERM:  Easy, Automated Resource Planning

Item numbers descriptions, approved vendors, costs, lead times etc. are in the system for immediate use in forecasts, BOMs, allocating, selling and purchasing.  No re-entering, phone calls or aisle searches to stay on top of your material requirements.  Click and it’s done!

SaaS MRP or Web based MRP by ManageB2B provides three complete RMA systems for Service Desk, Customer Portal, Vendor, WMS and the General Ledger with real-time visibility and online. It spans world-wide locations and sub-locations to support mistake-free customer service, operations and accounting.

MRP Material Requirements Planning

  • WMS Multiple Warehouse Management System
  • Automated Procurement and Inventory Management
  • BOM Bills of Materials, including nested assemblies
  • Create Assembly Work Orders and scheduling
  • Product Forecasting
    • On Hand
    • On Order
    • On Allocation
    • Qty Available
    • Qty Reserved
    • Lead Time
    • Reorder Qty
    • Obsolete Date (End of Life)
  • Backlogs by Product and Revenue
  • Inventory Valuation by Locations / per Location
  • Inventory Aging with Multiple Tracking Methods
  • Internal Transit Staging (e.g. Warehouse to Warehouse)
  • Vendor Order Tracking and Staging (e.g. Imports)
  • Drop shipment with Mouse Clicks


Procurement by Click

The procurement function takes a few mouse clicks to create a Purchase Order and make ready for order tracking, drop shipment, staging and history. You may even have a trusted vendor enter order status from anywhere in the world, at any time. When items arrive, a few clicks record their quantity, time and arrival place. Their transfer paperwork, virtual invoice and ultimate location are just a few more clicks. Put down that pen or pencil!<

The ERM WMS Warehouse Management System

ManageB2B Web-based Warehouse Management, Web-based MRP, SaaS MRP and Web-based WMS are integrated in the Next Generation Web-based ERP System. The only Online MRP, Online WMS and Online Warehouse Management Solutions click from anywhere 24x7. The SaaS MRP is a Service on Demand and completely integrated with CRM, SFA and Service Desk for VARs, Resellers, Importers, Distributors and SMBs.

Locations,  Locations,  Locations and  Unlimited Locations!

Includes: Finished Goods (FGs), WIPs, WIP-Demo's, WIP-RMAs, WIP-Service's, WIP-Reserved's, etc.


Tell ERM where you have something and ERM will “hold” it there. Tell ERM where you want something to go and ERM will prepare the Material Transfer / Packing List for you.  If the transfer will take more than an hour (for example), ERM will assign it to the In Transit stage until the new destination receives and places it (e.g. Aisle, Level, Section, Bin).

Tell ERM from where you ship an item and ERM will reduce its quantity there.  Tell ERM to where you will receive an item and ERM will prepare your Purchase Order accordingly.  If you import, ERM will note the stage and ETA of every item from the source to each stage and to you.  ERM knows where things are, where they are going and when they will get there!  You can relax!

Tell ERM which parts in your BOM take how long to arrive (Lead Time).  Tell ERM when something will no longer be available (End of Life). ERM will remember those things and report your Inventory status and value, and report items ordered but not received and orders recently received, and provide your Forecast by Part Number. Let ERM handle the tedious stuff like this .  It probably handles it better than the person who tries to do it now (sorry)!

AP, G/L Too

AP instantly notes item arrivals, their PO order costs and their Remit To address. ERM creates a virtual vendor invoice for guidance before the actual one arrives. It also updates your General Ledger, keeping balance, so that end-of-period Financial Statements are also just a few clicks.

…and just in case

For importers who may face dumping scrutiny, this order tracking is one headache less to worry about.   ERM has Pain Relief standing by.


For easy, accurate, immediate and low-stress Material Requirements Planning, use the SaaS MRP or Web-based MRP solution from ManageB2B and relax!!! The information you need for up-to-the-minute business monitoring and management will find you wherever you are 24/7 (even before the dumping investigators find your company)!


MRP for VARs, Resellers, System Integrators & Importers

ERM Enterprise Resource Manager™ is a multi-lingual total Web-based business management solution with built-in Reseller Accounting, VAR Accounting, Web-based ERP, CRM, SFA, Service, MRP, WMS and Financials for SMBs. ERM organically integrates all information from Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and Service organizations into a Unified Database System having over 30 user levels of security. It is easy to learn,simple to use and highly affordable for SMEs, particularly VARs, Resellers and Distributors.

ERM’s business rules and workflow tracking methods (patent pending) will cut administrative and IT costs by 50% while dramatically reducing human error.  “Data entered once, used many times anywhere, anytime.” It is a Revolutionary Painkiller for B2Bs, VARS, resellers, integrators, distributors, Service Providers and importers with these unique features:

  • The Quoting System is nicely suited for B2Bs. For example, each of your customers can have their own starting discount schedule, and ERM computes your GM & GP automatically. As you make adjustments, ERM dynamically computes final sale prices. You can have a multiple-level management approval process according to your policy. Sales reps assign probabilities to each of their opportunity, which leads to automated forecasting of inventory needs and revenues per category. Order booking leads to Procurement as needed, and informs your sales and service activities as necessary. The entire process from quote and booking an order to procurement, invoice and commission happen with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Inventory Item Features. Each item can have multiple numbers and descriptions, say one for customer ordering and one for vendor shipping. This protects you from a customer either shopping the vendor item themselves, OR giving your quotation to a competitor for price comparison. Both the Vendor and Internal/Sales item/part number reference the same inventoried item in the system, and are treated as the same item for inventory valuation purposes.
  • Editable Part Feature designed to provide a rapid response to potential accounts, and is customer-configurable. While your Inventory specialist manages the official product line, a Sales Rep uses the Editable Parts module to make a rapid response to RFQ when it requires inclusion of a special item outside of your Price List. This new item now can be procured from a vendor just as would a standard item.
  • Service Contract Expirations: ManageB2B ERM generates reports by accounts and by sales reps with enough time (which you set) to re-quote the customers and keep them covered. These reports can serve as Sales Forecasts of future recurring revenues.
  • Flexible Order Booking: ManageB2B makes easy (just clicks) the generation of multiple SOs (sales or service orders) from one Quote (and customer PO), to allow A, the separation of products from services, maintenance or MRC (monthly recurring charge); B, for items that you will procure from separate sources, possibly with drop ship instructions; C, for items with different multiple requested ship dates and/or addresses or D, for separate Deferred Revenue Invoicing.
  • Only ERM provides three complete RMA systems for Service Desk, Customer Portal, MRP/WMS and the General Ledger with real-time visibility and online. It spans world-wide locations and sub-locations to support mistake-free customer service, operations and accounting.
  • The ERM Commission Module generates multi-level commission reports based on actual product cost and provides commission configurations for Sales Rep, Agent, Admin or Manager with any combination of the percents of Revenue or GP from: Booking, Invoicing or Collection.
  • The Customer Portal lets your customers create New Orders with their own discounts, open a Service Ticket, see their own Price List, view pending orders and backlog, their account balance, credit availability and transaction history; view service ticket status with ticket/incident numbers.
  • The Fixed Assets Manager is part of our G/L System. With mouse clicks alone, you:  create a PO for the asset, receive it, date it and start its depreciation; record its Asset Tag Number, assign to locations and users, print a packing List for shipping, record the transfer to its first/next/final location; transfer a Fixed Asset to and from Inventory when necessary; see its current value and dispose of it when its useful life is ended.
  • Consignment Management: Ship items with their UPC codes on a Consignment Packing List. The ERM Inventory-in-Transit feature lets you track them from your location to the consignment location, while the ERM General Ledger records these special liability and revenue transactions as standard procedure. To settle with retailers as they report sales, simply click to invoice: ERM automatically reduces the consigned quantity and increases your revenues per the agreement. Thus, the Balance Sheet and other financial statements immediately reflect these new numbers
  • ERM provides a complete WMS Warehouse Management System, with locations anywhere in the world, down to aisle and bin, with tracking by Container, Lot, Sub-Lot, Expiration Date, Serial Number etc. The WMS is tied with your G/L system for Balance Sheet and Income Statement, and tied with Procurement, including drop-ship direct to your customer, whose ship-to and bill-to info come from the built-in ManageB2B Customer Relationship Manager. It’s another example of the power of the ManageB2B Unified Database.
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