ManageB2B’s Cloud Computing SaaS ERP is an Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM), the next generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with built-in CRM, SFA and Service Desk for subscription.

ERM Integrated Front & Back Office Modules

The ManageB2B Enterprise Resource Manager™ (ERM) provides One Business Solution in a unified database for small and medium business to businesses B2B/SMBs. ERM consists of Front Office and Back Office business application modules which make up the whole enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The Front Office module has customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA). The Back Office has the two major business functions, Operations and Finance, each with multiple sub-modules.

The ERM User Roles

ERM is Role-based to help a business to operate efficiently and comfortably in a secure environment. Each user has a login ID with defined role responsibilities and privileges. Here are some examples of the role definitions:

  • Executive/President – Full privileges including the Executive Dashboard BAM
  • CFO/Controller – Full privileges, incl. Customer Credit Line, Financial Statements
  • CPA/BOD – View only Financial Statements and Reports
  • VP Operations – Full privileges of all Operation functions, incl. MRP/Warehouse System
  • Office Manager – Manage/Control/Change entire ERM Front Office
  • Sales VP – Manage/Control/Change entire Business Unit/Division
  • Sales Manager – Manage/Control/Change entire Sales Region
  • Sales Rep – Create, manage Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes; view Forecasts
  • Sales Agent – Create, manage assigned Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes; view Forecasts
  • Sales Partner – Access Partner Portal, Create, manage assigned Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes; view Forecasts; all functions are configurable by Management/Appadmin
  • Service – Use the Service Desk to view customer info, generate and update service tickets and communicate with other service participants (Service Rep - Service VP)
  • PM & VP Operations – Manage/Control Inventory and Procurement Operations
  • Production – Convert Quotes to Orders; record Shipping/Receiving, generate Invoices
  • AR – Generate AR reports; apply Customer Payments
  • AP – Enter AP Invoices, mark for payment
  • Accounting (Mgr) – Credit approval, manage commissions and all accounting functions

    Total 29 Employee Roles
    Total 6 Partner Roles
    Total 5 Customer Roles

  • Logging In
    • Assured network security
    • Requires user password (two level passwords for financial transaction)
Front Office - Sales Back Office - Finance
CRM: Leads - Contacts - Accounts MRP - WMS - Inventory
Special Sales Items Procurement
Opportunities & Projects SO Process & Backlog
Price List & Inventory Invoice & Deferred Rev.
Sales Proposals & Quotes Accounts Receivable
Sales & Service Orders - SO Business Reports (BI)
Sales & Inventory Forecast Sales Tax Records
Sales Commissions Accounts Payable
Service, Support & RMA G/L - Fixed Assets - Dashboard
eCommerce - Integrated ERM Administration