Cloud Computing CRM - the Customer Relationship Management module receives and updates information about Leads, Accounts and Contacts. ERM uses information from here in your Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software application for company to track and organize its accounts, contacts and current prospective customers. The ManageB2B Customer Relationship Management module receives and updates information about Leads, Customers and Contacts. ERM uses information from here to provide Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

The ManageB2B One Business Solution makes management of Accounts and Contacts as easy as 1 - 2! Import leads from spreadsheets, sort them and promote the good ones to Accounts and Contacts. You do practically everything with mouse clicks! Now the whole business uses your account data for booking and invoicing, and appropriate Sales personnel can view purchasing and payment history! True CRM integration

Your sales organization will have easy 24/7 access to this data and the tools that ERM provides:

  • Leads Importing and Management
  • Real Time Account Information, with multiple Bill To and Ship To names and addresses, the Credit Line given by the Controller, customer purchase and payment history (configurable) and accounts receivable and backlogs
  • Sales Contacts info manager, which includes Action Items and Due Dates. The Sales Manager assigns and re-assigns Contacts to reps. Rep can view customer purchase and payment history, accounts receivable and order backlogs, and view the Customer Portal for any outstanding issue (i.e. service ticket). The appropriate user can update Contact information, including the Activity Log, at any time; ERM records this as history
  • Service Contacts Manager for tracking, reporting and escalating support issues (a.k.a. tickets)
  • Email to contacts or other ERM users
  • Sales Desks, Service Desk, Partner Portals and Customer Portals

The CRM module also provides the place for a Back Office user to connect the details of a numbered Service Contract with the Quote, Order and Invoice that carry its sale to the Account. ERM then provides this information on My Service Desk.

Next are the “CRM Portals.” A user with the Sales Rep role gets to My Sales Desk from the CRM home page. The other users see their appropriate Desk as soon as they log into ERM. Their Desk, and the data that they drill down to, are their only view into your ERM information.

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